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03 December 2012

Happythreads are delighted to share with our customers some insights into the man behind the Ecko brand of scrub uniforms and dental tunics which you may have purchased from Happythreads.

It became apparent after speaking with several customers they
were unfamiliar with who exactly Marc Ecko is and what’s more, unaware of how famous and successful he has become in the fashion industry worldwide.

Born in New Jersey in 1972, Marc, it seems, was interested in art and design from an early age.  As a teenager he started creating and marketing t-shirts with his own designs, customising hip-hop clothing and airbrushing girls’ fingernails from a makeshift studio in his parent’s garage.

After leaving high school and perhaps encouraged by his pharmacist father, he joined Rutgers University’s School of Pharmacy.  There however he began dabbling in graffiti and this is where the ‘Ecko’ name emerged in the form of his signature graffiti tag.  In his 3rd year however it became apparent to the College Dean that drawing was his passion and he encouraged Mark to take a year off and pursue his dream.

As you guessed,a career in pharmacy did not materialize and the rest is,as they say,history.  At the age of just 20, Marc went on to create a t-shirt company in 1993 called EckoUnltd. The company then branched out into hip-hop and skater styles and began to display a rhinoceros logo that many of you who wear his scrubs may recognize.  The company has also even given the rights to have the rhinoceros logo now tattooed on your skin should you so wish!  Other well known brands in his range include Eckored, Marc Ecko Cut & Sew and Zoo York.

Nowadays the company has become a billion-dollar lifestyle organisation with full lines of urban fashion and accessories for males and females of all ages, as well as the Eckoscrubs range that dentists, nurses and other healthcare professionals have come to love.  Want to read more about the man that “Details Magazine” included in their list of “Most Powerful Men Under 38” then click here

To view some of the new tunic styles and colours available in this seasons range of Happythreads’ Ecko scrubs,visit the Marc Ecko section of our website at  

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