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A.Proctor Group chosen for new EC energy efficiency project

04 December 2012

The A. Proctor Group are pleased to announce that they will be working on a new European-wide project to cut carbon emissions from properties in historic urban districts by upgrading traditional building fabrics to modern standard.

The European Commission has committed almost €5 million to the EFFESUS (Energy Efficiency for EU Historic Districts’ Sustainability) project, which also aims to help member states meet stringent targets for cutting energy consumption. The EFFESUS concept is to reduce the environmental impact of Europe’s valuable urban heritage by making significant improvements to its energy efficiency while conserving and even promoting the cultural, historic, urban and architectural values of European’s historic cities.

The A. Proctor Group is one of 23 partners from 13 countries participating in the scheme, specifically working with partners in work package 4 which is investigating the development of conservation compatible new materials for envelope retrofitting.

The A. Proctor Group will lead work package 4.2 to develop advanced aerogel as blown-in insulation behind the lath and plaster walls. A. Proctor Group will be collaborating with three companies, from Spain, Portugal and France, to develop this insulation which will improve the energy efficiency whilst maintaining the walls moisture management.

A. Proctor Group will also be involved in case studies to test solutions in the field as well as education and dissemination of the results.

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