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How much waste will you create this Christmas?

04 December 2012

On average a human will produce its own body weight in waste every seven and a half weeks and collectively, 55% of the UK's municipal waste will go to landfill where it will fail to bio-degrade.

It has even been said that the UK produces enough waste each year to fill Lake Windermere! So have you ever thought about how much our most celebrated season will affect waste in the UK? Do you or your company have any recycling rituals to help?

These figures are now, thankfully, following a downward trend since the Government has set in place recycling plans and has heightened recycling awareness throughout the UK. According to the Office for National Statistics through implemented schemes and effective gardening efforts, composting makes up more than a third of all recycling in England.

According to the Government Environment Agency we only have eight years’ worth of landfill space left in which to store/house all the rubbish generated in the UK. However with the new recycling plans providing successful results in reducing waste that is sent to landfill, Governments and Local Councils are now encouraging the re-use and transformation of these landfill sites into something more positive.

Many sites across the UK have undergone such a transformation to, for example, a local park, however some sites take longer to transform than others. The waste that is often left on sites produces toxic chemicals that stay for in some cases years. The presence of these chemicals which are formed from the waste means that no building can take place on that site effectively rendering the sites as bad land that cannot be used until cleaned effectively.

In order to prove that sites are effectively clean from the chemical nasties, companies use monitoring and analysis to prove that they can use the site and that there will be no chemicals present that will affect the general public or construction employees once any kind of building takes place.

Many instruments are used in the process of construction and demolition industry, including air quality monitoring systems, sound and noise monitors and ground gas monitors. Systems to monitor HAVs (Hand Arm and Whole Body Vibration) are also used.

With the increase use (and redevelopment) of these sites, it is important that health and safety during construction and development projects remains a paramount process in the project. As with any project, the work carried out can have an effect on both employees and the public and as an employer it is their responsibility to ensure that these parties are kept safe from sound nuisance, dust and vibration as well as from toxic chemicals.

The Health and Safety Executive provide a wide variety of information regarding the impacts of dust, noise and vibration to construction workers, including the Health and Safety in Construction Guide, which details setting up a construction site, the construction phase and health and safety management and the law.

As a supplier of Sound, Noise, Vibration, Air Quality and Ground Gas instrumentation, Shawcity believes that it is essential that construction workers are given a choice of a range of monitoring instruments in order to be protected against hazards that a construction site presents. Shawcity's aim is to ensure that from the range of instruments you receive the most appropriate tool for your application and that you are provided with the right information to choose the most effective tool for your application.

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