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Catch-All™ Safety Screens are compact and robust yet ultra-fine

07 December 2012

Miniature component specialist Lee Products new Catch-All™ Flange Mount Safety Screens integrate a higher level of ultra-fine filtration into a compact, rugged, flange mount design.

The new Catch-All™ Flange Mount Safety Screens from Lee Products are particularly suited within industries such as aerospace, aviation, oil tool and motorsport, where protecting components in fluid control applications is essential for safety and optimal performance.

For critical components with even the smallest of flow passageways and clearances, the Catch-All™ Flange Mount Safety Screens offer protection with a nominal hole size rating of 20 microns.

The calendered and sintered 316L Stainless Steel wire mesh weave design provides maximum strength with rugged construction, despite an ultra-fine filtration rating. 

Radial convolutions significantly increase the contamination holding capacity of the seamless one-piece design, resulting in optimum protection from a high strength screen in very small package.

The Catch-All™ Safety Screens from Lee Products are available in eight sizes ranging from 0.130” up to 0.656” diameter with bespoke designs available on request.

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