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Maintenance Matters Safety Campaign

17 December 2012

Here at GB Sport and Leisure we think it is important to make people aware of safety, that is why we are promoting our maintenance matters campaign. If you are concerned about your local play area please contact your local council and make them aware of any problems, or if you are responsible for your local playground and would like advice on how to maintain the equipment inline with European standards please contact us.

Guidelines; Review Review your equipment Annually, Quarterly, Monthly or weekly by carrying out inspections inline with EN1176 European standards Record Recording the information is the next step to caring for the safety of those using the equipment.

If you don’t react you may be held liable should an accident occur. React React responsibly by putting a programme in place to complete the recommendations Repairing/ replacing parts and maintaining equipment is far more cost effective. Did you know? Replacing some parts and providing maintenance on equipment will ensure it lasts longer, prolongs the use of the equipment and saves you the replacement costs in the long run.

Most importantly it ensures the safety of the children using it. GB Sport and Leisure is a national company which provides inspections, maintenance and spare parts for play areas. If you would like any advice regarding the above or if you are interested in having any new equipment installed please contact us.

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