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Anti-Ageing Electrotherapy

17 December 2012


The PJS-903MC Microcurrent machine will deliver treatments that are performed by positioning of contact wands over various acupressure points around the face. As the contact wands deliver the microcurrent, the therapist massages the face in patterns that aid stimulation of muscles.

A power level of only one millionth of an amp, no stronger than the body's own naturally-occurring electrical generation, patients do not feel any kind of discomfort to the microcurrent, experiencing no more than a relaxing and gentle massage.

A modified direct, low-frequency current which is used on its own for lifting of the facial contours and in conjunction with a galvanic current for skin improvement.  Ultimately this will help with fine line reduction, stretch mark minimising and scar reduction, and deep cleansing, a true anti-aging experience.

The PJS-903MC is an advanced Microcurrent machine where it has 12 pre-set programmes allowing you to select a programme that will be perfect for your client in terms of skin type, age and power/current. For the experienced user you can create your own programme and run it in handy mode, where you set current, and wave and treatment time. The machine has four wave outputs including Sharp, Pulse, Gentle and Mild.

The machine can be seen at and further information call free phone 08008886876

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