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Outback Organics Announce A New Members to the Family

17 December 2012

Outback Organics is thrilled to announce we have a new addition to the family, our botanical body oil.

Developed following feedback from some clients who want an alternative to tea tree, our botanical body oil is a beautiful blend of botanical extracts with multiple uses.

Waxing Expert Andy Rouillard said: “ I train hundreds of wax professionals each year and many tell me that they would like to have other options in addition to tea tree to give their clients more choice.

“What is great about the guys at Outback Organics is that they pride themselves on listening to their customers and developing products that are right for them, not what they think they should be using.
“ So we set to work on developing this oil – and I think the results speak for themselves.”

Outback Organics  botanical oil is  a 4-in-1 Botanical Body Oil. If you're still using talc under your wax, it's time to throw the shaker away. Apply a few drops of this oil before waxing instead of powder, for increased client comfort.

It’s light, nut-free formulation contains a nourishing blend of organic rose hip, olive and argan oils to condition and protect the skin, plus the anti-oxidant benefits of green tea. Its silky texture creates the perfect barrier between wax and skin for ultra comfortable hair removal, and will work wonders in combination with any of the new generation waxes which are designed to be applied over oil instead of powder. It can also be used at the end of your appointment to remove any sticky wax residue from the body.

Clients can also use this oil at home as a ‘dry’ body oil to seal in moisture, leaving the skin cashmere soft and deliciously scented; smashing stuff at this time of year as the cold weather and central heating robs the skin of its own natural lipids.
Outback Organics Director, Tracey Smith said: “We have been working with waxing expert Andy Rouillard to create the UK's most complete range of wax-related skin care products for use in the salon and at home.

“Each product has been designed from the ground up by professional waxers working in the industry, specifically formulated to tackle the most common complaints after hair removal such as irritation, pimples and ingrown hairs.

This 250ml spray is very cost effective, a little goes an incredibly long way, so you may well find that you need to dispense less than you are used to with other brands... and it makes a perfect retail product.”

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