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Smart Solution to Industrial Spill Protection from Lubetech

16 January 2013

Introducing Site Mat, `Ultimate outdoor solution for on-site spill protection` - and the latest innovation from Lubetech, the UK’s spill control market-leaders.

All in the industrial community appreciate managing the environment is not just our sustainable future it’s smart business sense, but until now there’s never been a simple solution to spillage prevention in the yard or field. Site Mat changes all that.

Site Mat is a portable, re-usable, modular filtration system for separating oils and hydrocarbons from water. It’s also childs play to use! Site Mat’s innovative `Filtatech` liner is manufactured from 80% recycled fibres, yet retains contaminants while allowing water to pass through, making it light, cheap and effective, while the non-absorbent Base Unit is resilient and tough enough to withstand being stood on - or even driven over!

Stored in its own holdall, it’s easily tucked away in the fork lift, cab or trailer, then deployed in seconds for refuelling & maintenance or as a protective shield for pumps and generators. The Base Unit is available in three sizes, washable for repeated use and conveniently foldable, while the filter liner absorbs between 3-36 litres, depending on size. Most importantly, ALL parts are replaceable individually for cost-effective replenishment and other modular elements can be added for even greater functionality.

Site equipment storage, equipment service and refuelling; plant servicing; automotive and plant hydraulics, motorsport and hobbyist markets - just a few of the applications!

Go to to see a video of Site Mat in operation or to view the entire range of pads, mats, rolls and protective storage solutions. For details of your nearest stockist call: 02380 274123

Protect the environment; protect your business; satisfy even the closest scrutiny and save money - Site Mat, your best site mate!

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