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29 January 2013

Axair Fans offer a range of direct driven forward curved double inlet centrifugal fans.

Axair Fans offer a range of “inch blowers”, also referred to as direct driven forward curved double inlet centrifugal fans. They are used for air handling units or other low pressure applications. Many of the models are compliant with ErP 2013 regulations.

These fans can be used in many different applications including, air handling units, ventilation boxes, centrifugal heaters, and professional and industrial kitchen hoods.

Sizes range from 190 to 390mm in impeller diameter and allow for airflow from 1300 up to 12000m³/h. They are also available in single or 3 phase and 4 or 6 pole speeds. The fans are fitted with rigid motor supports to protect against mechanical handling damage.

Anti-vibration mounts are fitted in 3 places, at the motor pad on the side plate and on the foot corners to prevent electromagnetic vibration transmitting to the unit frame.

With a rating of IP55 dust and hosed water protection, the terminal box has an increased rating of IP65 to protect the connections and capacitor.

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