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Socomec's UPS Designed Specifically for the UK Railway Infrastructure: On Show at Railex 2013

29 January 2013

The leading European manufacturer of UPS systems, Socomec, has developed an advanced critical power solution - the IP+ Rail range - designed specifically for the unique requirements of rail sector applications.

The range will be showcased at Railtex 2013, 30th April – 2nd May, and represents the very latest in UPS technology for the mass transportation sector, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of rail networks and infrastructure.

The range - which has been awarded a Product Registration Certificate by Transport For London (TFL) London Underground - has been engineered to provide optimum energy efficiency for high performance critical power applications in the most challenging operating environments.

The Socomec IP+ Rail is the first and only UPS range currently listed on the London Underground (LU) Product Register and to hold “authorised for use” status.

In order to gain this important authorisation the Socomec range had to demonstrate compliance with the demanding LU Section 12 specification as well as with EMC Standard: EN62040-2 and LUL EMC Standards: 1-222, G-222 and 1-196.

The Socomec Masterys IP+ Rail is housed within a compact, robust steel-framed enclosure – almost twice the thickness of standard UPS cabinets - and has anti-corrosion tropicalised circuit boards. 
Available with IP31 or IP52 ingress protection, this system will operate in environments where there is conductive dust or dripping water.  The electromagnetic disturbance immunity level is double that required by European standards and the internal components meet the strict, low smoke requirements of rail sector customers.

Power options range from 10 – 80 kVA for three-phase models and 10 – 60 kVA for single-phase models.  Specifically designed to have a very long MTBF:  >202,000 hours, modules can be paralleled  up to 6 units.  Furthermore, units can be customised to meet specific requirements, including power supplied from the OLI.

Socomec provides a complete range of engineering support services; its own highly trained engineering team has the necessary trackside training and accreditation to install and support equipment throughout the product life-cycle. 

A nationwide network of specialist engineers provides local support 24/7/365 to guarantee operational continuity providing very low MTTR.
The business also has a highly experienced projects group which can work with the client’s engineering team to optimise system performance and robustness.

Socomec has global commercial and engineering operations: its European manufacturing plants produce the world’s most comprehensive range of highly energy efficient and reliable UPS and rectifier products, many of which are suitable for mass transportation applications.

For further information on Socomec IP+ Rail please contact Sarah Condie on 01285 863300 or email

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