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Six Golden Rules for businesses looking for best fuel cost savings

29 January 2013

Businesses have been shown how to find the best way to cut fuel costs, with ‘Six Golden Rules’ produced by The Fuelcard People.

Steve Clarke, general manager, said;

“Companies who know that fuel cards cut costs may not realise that fuel cards are not all the same. It makes a difference which one they choose, and with some suppliers offering similar cards, picking the right provider can be vital.”

Steve identified ‘Six Golden Rules’ for companies to remember when choosing a fuel card supplier;

  • Expect savings of up to 4p per litre on national average pump prices. Avoid any fuel card which does not offer discounts.
  • Expect a choice of five or more cards. Avoid those suppliers offering just one or two cards, who can not give truly impartial advice on the best card to meet your specific needs.
  • Expect a dedicated, named account handler who always takes your call. Avoid any supplier who wants you to queue for a random call centre operator who knows nothing about your business.
  • Expect regular reports, with customised alarms for fast notification of abnormal card use. Avoid any supplier who does not offer 24/7 online access to your account details.
  • Expect every individual card to be tied to a specific driver or vehicle, making it useless to anyone else if lost or stolen. Avoid any supplier whose cards are worth stealing.
  • Expect access to a large, nationwide branded network, such as BP, Esso, Shell or Texaco. Avoid any supplier who says that being able to refuel at any garage is more important than discounts.

Steve continued;

“The first Golden Rule is common sense. If your aim is to reduce fuel costs, you clearly have to avoid any fuel card that does not offer discounts. The last Golden Rule may be less obvious, but being able to refuel everywhere is only worth having if you think that major brand garages are hard to find. Finally, if a supplier is not prepared to let you always deal with the same account handler, that will tell you a lot about their attitude to customer service.”

In conclusion, Steve sent an invitation to businesses;

“Call us on 0844 870 6942, and ask questions. We will answer your queries about savings, service, security, free credit, easy VAT recovery and more. Then you can make up your own mind.”

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