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Two part Urethane modified Epoxy Gel from Master Bond offers dimensional stability & optical clarity

08 February 2013

With primary usage within specialist industries including aerospace, Master Bond Super Gel 9 is suitable for many applications including sensitive electronic part encapsulation and optical component sealing.

With a low Shore A hardness of 5-10, Super Gel 9 from Master Bond is easily repairable and can be used to retrieve components using a sharp blade without shattering. With these properties, Super Gel 9 can also withstand vigorous thermal cycling and thermal & mechanical shock.

Super Gel 9 is low in viscosity with a mix ratio of two to one by weight or volume, enabling it to be cast in sections up to 3 inches thick with a working  life of 7-9 hours. The mix bonds exceptionally well to many substrates including ceramics, glass and metals as well as many plastics and rubbers and is water, oil, fuel and chemical resistant.

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