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Allstar tells unhappy customers to leave

20 February 2013

Allstar Fuel Card Services says that its customers should find another supplier if they do not like the unexpected cost burden of the new £2 'network service fee,' being added to every refuelling transaction.

Jakes de Kock, who heads marketing for both Allstar and its sister, The Fuelcard Company, told Fleet News: "Some customers are not going to be happy and they are obviously welcome to go to another fuel-buying solution.”

His comment did not surprise James Richmond, general manager of The Fuelcard People, who said: “Reports in the press and on social networking sites indicate that their customers have had to queue for calls to be answered and then are dealt with by temporary staff with little knowledge or understanding of the issues. With this ‘like it or lump it’ attitude to customers, it is no surprise that they appear to have so many disillusioned customers.”

Fleet News recently revealed that some Allstar customers were waiting in call centre queues for more than 30 minutes during the height of data migration problems. Its website was also reported as inaccessible during this critical period. Allstar’s call centre traffic is said to have grown dramatically in recent months as customers try to deal with a new online accounting system and the new £2 transaction fee. This is exacerbated by the fact that Allstar customers do not seem to have a dedicated permanent account manager.

James Richmond was surprised by the warning to customers who consider leaving Allstar. “Mr. de Kock is quoted as telling his departing customers to, ‘look at what the impact will be on their business, on their fleet and on their drivers,’ if they change fuel cards,” said James Richmond. “We have always found it straightforward, at The Fuelcard People to get a new customer up and running quickly.”

“That means,” he said, “going from a check of every major fuel brand to find the best combination of service, savings and security for a customer’s specific needs, through to delivering cards to as many locations as necessary. It includes setting up 24/7 access to our market-leading eServices account management system and, of course, introducing the customer to their dedicated account manager and named back-up. And all without the need for a £2 transaction charge.”

The Fuelcard People has grown in revenue, profit and staffing every year since it was created in 2008. It offers an unbeaten choice of fuel cards, covering every major fuel brand, welcomed at thousands of forecourts nationwide, from motorways to supermarkets. It continues to lead the industry in service quality, being uniquely certified to ISO 9002 and allocating every customer, whatever its size, their own named account manager.

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