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Safe driving at work – WHO are your risks?

06 March 2013

Health & safety has been with us for 40 years, the process is clearly defined; identify the risk and act to minimise it

The ‘Risk Assessment’ part is easy, get the company form out, write the words, and within a short timeframe a ‘generic Risk Assessment’ is circulated and filed. All your problems answered.

Is it really that simple and straightforward? Consider:
  • There are more deaths on the roads than in the workplace.
  • If these were true ‘accidents’ (random acts of God) wouldn’t we all be exposed in equal measure? That common misnomer hides the predictability.
  • If collisions were proportional to mileage and you drive 30,000 miles a year, shouldn’t you crash three times more often than the average driver?
Examination of company records will confirm typically 80% of claims come from just 20% of the drivers. The evidence points to the person, not the activity as being crucial. That’s why risk assessments must be ‘suitable and sufficient’.

Simply using a generic assessment of the activity misses the point, leaving companies vulnerable to risk and prosecution. The challenge is to identify ‘who’ your risks are before the event. No-one would wait for a trainee arboriculturalist to fall out of a tree before providing appropriate training, so why would you wait until a driver crashes before you deal with it?

Cardinus Risk Management has refined the process for identifying those vulnerable before the event; ‘Saving lives, saving money’ is our speciality. We can help you to identify your problems, save money protect your people and your reputation?

Call Cardinus on 01733 426015 or visit our website to claim 20 free Safe Driving Plus assessment and e-learning licences.

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