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Fleet Managers advisewd not to put up with "call centre syndrome"

01 March 2013

James Richmond, General Manager of The Fuelcard People, has advised Fleet Managers not to tolerate "call centre syndrome" from fuel card suppliers.

James Richmond, General Manager, The Fuelcard People;

“Fleets are not all the same and suppliers should understand individual business requirements, but that rarely happens with fuel card companies. New customers regularly tell us that their previous suppliers expected them to queue for a random call centre operator whenever they had an account query. If the person taking your call has never heard of you, how can they possibly understand your business?”

Every customer opening an account with The Fuelcard People is assigned a dedicated account manager, with a named back-up to cover holidays. It means that the customer always speaks to the same person, who soon comes to know them and understand their needs.

James Richmond advised that a supplier’s approach to customer service should be a key element in choosing a fuel card supplier. He said;

“The most important factor has to be cost savings, so any potential fuel card supplier should cover every major fuel brand, but customer service is almost as vital. A manager is too busy to explain their business to a random operator every time they call a supplier. If a fuel card company will not let you call the same person every time, ask yourself how much you really matter to them.”

He identified other key considerations for businesses as including the availability and scope of full management information;

“You should be able to examine your account whenever you want,” he said, “with the ability to download customised reports straight into your standard office packages. You should be able to see transactions before they are invoiced and you should be notified immediately of any unusual refuelling activity.”

James invited fleet managers to contact The Fuelcard People;

“If you don’t like call centre syndrome, don’t accept it. Not only will we assign you a named account manager immediately, I bet that we can find a better package of benefits than you already have.”

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