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Sanitary Bins and Sanitary Waste Disposal

11 March 2013

Sanitary Bins must be provided in every cubicle likely to be used by females under Duty Of Care legislation.

Business owners have a legal obligation to ensure they provide a means of disposing of all controlled wastes. In the case of sanitary dressings this means providing a sanitary bin (sometimes called a SaniBin, Fembin, Femibin or Feminine Hygiene Unit (FHU)).

Chatha Hygiene are able to provide sanitary waste disposal solutions for all types of organisations, from a single sanitary bin for a small office through to sites with over 100 sanitary bins, such as hospitals, educational establishments and large sporting venues to see a selection of companies we provide various products/services for).

Full UK coverage can be provided with cost effective pricing for sanitary disposal and all washroom services with one billing point and one contact point.

All of our members' sanitary bins are foot pedal operated or automatic for hand free use promoting better hygiene.  Designer and electronic models are also available.

All feminine hygiene units are charged with a highly effective sanitising agent to eliminate odours and kill bacteria inside the bin. The sanitising agent is effective against Hep B etc. On each service you will be left with a cleaned, recharged and sterilised bin. Servicing is at a frequency to suit you and is carried out in a professional discreet, and hygienic manner.

Duty of Care documentation is provided by all companies showing where your waste is taken to and how it is disposed off. You will also have a proper record of when your waste is collected and disposed off to keep you on the right side of the legislation.
Sanitary Waste Disposal
(Reg 21 - Approved Code of Practice, Workplace Health, Safety & Welfare Regulations 1992)

"in the case of water closets used by women, suitable means should be provided for the disposal of sanitary dressings"

i.e every cubicle likely to be used by females (including disabled and unisex toilets) should have a sanitary disposal facility

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