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A large quantity of water to store!

11 March 2013

There are many consultants and water engineers who are still unaware that large one piece GRP Water Storage Tanks with a Nominal Capacity of up to 97,500 Litres are being manufactured in the UK.

Precolor Sales Limited who has been based in Shropshire since 1975, still produce their water tanks by hand laying the laminates. 

Precolor’s ‘Excell’ ranges of one piece tanks are designed according to BS EN 13280:2001 and are fully WRAS Approved.  They offer a cost effective, superior alternative to the conventional sectional tanks.  They can be coupled together to create even larger capacities creating the same effect as having a sectional tank with internal compartments. This makes them much easier to drain, clean and isolate.

The Precolor ‘excell’ tanks do not rely on any internal bracing or external corsetry as the steel supports are embedded in the tank wall making them fully self supporting therefore, no stay bars are required internally to support the tank, helping to keep the interior clean and hygienic.

The ‘Excell’ tanks available up to 13 metres in length are used extensively in the construction industry.  They can be manufactured with CFC free insulation encapsulated within the tank walls to protect the contents from extremes of heat and cold which restricts microbiological growth.  Insulation is available in either 25mm, 50mm, 75mm or 100mm. 

An Apex can be incorporated into the heavy duty lid making these large one piece tanks ideally suited for storage outdoors where there is ample space and access available.

Benefits of large one piece tanks:-

     No expensive installation costs.
     No joints to leak.
     No steelwork in contact with the tank contents.
     10 year guarantee. (sectional offer only a 1yr guarantee on joints)
     A maintenance free tank. (yearly chlorination still required)

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