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Modern Baskets for Forward Thinking Retailers from Formbar Limited

11 March 2013

All retailers know that setting the scene for customers on entering the shop is very important to put them in a buying mood.

What do the customers see on entering the store, in which direction are they encouraged to walk and how will they be greeted are all considered by retailers. However only a few retailers contemplate the basket the customers pick up at the door and how this affects the customer’s attitude to purchasing.

Surprising the customers with something a little different from the usual supermarket baskets can immediately give the impression the store is innovative, alternative, sophisticated, rustic or
whatever the chosen ambiance may be. In these tough economic times all areas of the retail experience must be considered and how the customers collect goods to purchase is too often over
looked but it makes sense, collecting luxury food items in a dull rectangular supermarket wire basket does not inspire the customer to treat themselves and their families.

The basket will be the first item in the store the customer will handle so it needs to be on a par with the goods on sale.
Retail specialists Formbar Limited have two alternatives to the shopping basket norm The Ellipse and The Shophie.

The Ellipse ™ is a contemporary, extra capacity, oval wire basket, ergonomically designed with gently tapered sides giving an aesthetically pleasing look and feel. It is manufactured from high quality materials with a zinc plated finish and a choice of coloured handles.

Formbar developed the clever design and we have a full patent protecting it, this makes the basket unique and exclusive.

The Ellipse™ is comfortable to carry, stacks neatly into a bespoke ‘cradle’ and the extra capacity of 25 litres encourages increased customer spend. A state-of-the-art basket and one we are extremely happy to be able to offer to the retail sector.

The Shophie ™ is the latest offering from the Spanish manufacturer Araven who produced the innovative Shop & Roll ™ trolley basket system. The Shophie ™ is a whole new look for retail baskets, they come in a 6 or 15 litre sizes, a wide variety of standard colours and branding options are available.
The Shophie has diverse applications, it can be used solely as the customer baskets or as saleable branded merchandise, it could also be a "bag for life" giveaway or a hamper, the options are unlimited. It is an imaginative basket with flexibility in
use and will definitely distinguish stores from their high street rivals.

For more information on the full range of baskets, trolleys and accessories Formbar Limited offer
please go to or call us on 01865 858590.
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