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Mobile Odour control system test unit for hire

12 March 2013

Simdean Envirotec Ltd have introduced a mobile test unit for odour control which is now available for hire.

The odour control system comprises an inlet filter, system exhaust fan and carbon adsorber and is capable of treating up to 3000 m3/h of odorous air.

The exhaust fan is provided with an inverter drive thus the unit is capable of operating down to a volume flowrate of approximately  500 m3/h

The odour control system is trailer mounted and with the use of flexible ducting can be connected to the tank/building/area from the odorous air is generated .
The unit can be used to prevent odour emission from process plant, tanks or buildings during periods of planned maintenance or system breakdown.

The odour control system is particularly suited to use within waste water treatment, sewage treatment works, waste recovery and treatment plant, composting and AD plants as well as industrial plants generating offensive odours.

The unit is available for hire for periods from a minimum of 1 week and assistance with set up and operation is provided by Simdean’s own engineers

For more information on the mobile odour control unit and hire costs please contact:- Nick Carter, Simdean Envirotec ltd

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