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Charpak Aidpod helps Colalife save children's lives

21 March 2013

In association with Packaging Innovation Group, Charpak Ltd designed and developed the Aidpod for Colalife, an independent charity working in developing countries.

Via Coca-Cola's distribution channels, the "Colalife AidPod" enables the Colalife charity to use Coca-Cola crates to carry simple medicines to save children's lives.

Aidpod is a wedge shapped container which fits in the void between bottles of the fizzy drink. Making use of free space, Aidpod contains rehydration salts, zinc supplements, anti diarrhoea tablets and medical supplies that help keep young children and infants alive.

The container is also used as a water purification device in conjunction with a tablet when left in the sun for six hours.

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