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22 March 2013

Businesses nationwide want better service from fuel card suppliers and are particularly unhappy about having to deal with faceless call centres, according to The Fuelcard People.

James Richmond, general manager of The Fuelcard People;

“If a fleet manager needs to discuss their account, they inevitably have to deal with a random call centre operator. They might not have spoken before and might never do so again. All the operator knows about their business is what they see on their screen – and they will not know that much until the contractor explains who they are. Next time, the fleet manager has to repeat the process. ‘Customer Services’ is not a very appropriate name.”

The Fuelcard People was formed under that name for a simple reason. James continued;

“We believe that fleet managers would rather deal with a human being than a system. If somebody else wants to be the such-and-such ‘company,’ that is up to them, but we are staffed by people and so that is what we called ourselves.”

Here is what it means to a fleet manager. To order more fuel cards, replace a lost card or raise any account query, you call The Fuelcard People. A human being answers. You don’t ask for ‘Customer Services,’ ‘Accounts’ or any other department. You ask for a person, by name. Then, you talk to the individual who always takes your calls, your dedicated account manager. They know you, they know what business you are in and they understand your circumstances. Almost certainly, they were the individual who originally discussed your refuelling needs with you to help you find the best fuel card from the wide range on offer.

You get faster service and you get better service. It is just one of the many reasons why growing numbers of fleet managers are calling The Fuelcard People, rather than a fuel card company that wants them to accept an anonymous call centre. The main reasons are still the major fuel cost savings they can make with the right fuel card and the real reduction in their administration workloads.

Businesses without fuel cards are missing out. To learn more about nationwide availability of discounted diesel and petrol, easy reclaiming of VAT and countless other benefits, speak to The Fuelcard People or visit their website. Until they have the right fuel card from The Fuelcard People, every litre of fuel will cost a business at least 3p more than it should.

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