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Minx, Inc Unveils Signature Collection Designed by Australia’s Premier Nail Stylist, Zoe Vokis

10 April 2013

March 27, 2013 – San Diego, CA – Minx, Inc. co-founders Dawn Lynch-Goodwin and Janice Jordan are pleased to launch the new “Minx Professional for Zoe” collection designed by celebrity nail stylist, trainer and salon owner Zoe Vokis.

“I first read about Minx in a professional trade magazine, and quickly realized this was the new product that all the celebrities were wearing,” Zoe explained. “I was so excited to offer Minx to my salon clients,” continued Zoe, who confessed she was completely amazed by the stunning metallic finishes offered by Minx solid nail coatings.  “Of course, no drying time is a big benefit, but I also loved the fact that Minx does not damage natural nails, it lasts a long time, and there are no chemicals needed in its application or removal!”
Zoe also incorporated Minx into her magazine shoots and fashion shows, where she was able to offer customized Minx nail coatings by collaborating with the Minx co-founders in California.  After a series of delighted designers and successful fashion shoots, Peter Lykissas, the Minx representative for Australia, suggested that Zoe meet Minx co-founders Dawn Lynch-Goodwin and Janice Jordan who were in Australia.  

“I was eager to meet Zoe because I was impressed by her award-winning career and superb reputation as a trainer,” revealed Minx co-founder Dawn Lynch-Goodwin.  “But even with those high expectations, I was blown away when I stepped into her salon!  Every employee in the salon was so professional, and had impeccable standards in every service,” Dawn also recalled that during their conversation, Zoe immediately understood why the use of heat was so critical in achieving an excellent Minx application and ensured her staff members had also perfected their understanding and technique of Minx.  “I knew we had found the right person to represent Minx,” concluded Dawn.

From Zoe’s perspective, Minx’s vision to “extend fashion to your fingertips” and to elevate the role of the nail stylist in the world of fashion and beauty was both inspiring and a perfect match for her own philosophy.  When Dawn and Janice invited Zoe to be the first Australian nail stylist to design her own Minx line, Zoe was thrilled with the opportunity to translate her favorite nail designs into a collection that could be shared around the world.

Zoe, who was honored with the title of Australian Nail Professional of the Year title at the 2012 Australian Beauty Industry Awards, boasts an impressive roster of A-list clients including Miley Cyrus, Miranda Kerr, Megan Gale and Natalie Bassigthwaite and has been directing and designing nails for Fashion Week for over a decade.  To design her own Minx Professional collection is yet another dream come true in a truly exceptional career.
For her first Minx Professional collection, Zoe drew inspiration from her family, her friendships, and from her Grecian heritage which she shares with her husband.  The 8 designs in her collection are as follows:

Grecian Goddess in Rose Gold
“This design was inspired by the ancient Greek goddesses, who are often shown wearing robes with this decorative Grecian Key pattern, which symbolizes eternity,” explained Zoe.  “I wanted to make this design look luxurious and royal, and so I used the Rose Gold metallic, a new metallic shade that has just been introduced by Minx.”

Grecian Goddess in Gold

This design is also the Grecian Key pattern, but in golden metallic.

The Switch

“The Switch’s simple, slick design represents a time in my life where I had to make important decisions about my career as a nail professional,” Zoe stated.  “At the time, I decided to make the ‘switch’ and have never looked back.”

Wild Rose Gold

“Anyone who is close to me knows how much of a feline lover I am,” said Zoe.  “I just love the exotic quality of cats, whether they are big or small.  If I could be any animal in the jungle, it would definitely be a tiger,” she laughed.  Zoe said she often wondered if it was an oversight that there was not a tiger print in the Minx collection of designs… and now she has rectified this with this rose gold tiger print.

Wild Gold
The Wild Gold design is also a tiger print, but with golden metallic instead of a rose gold sheen.

Filigree Rose Gold

Zoe explained that this filigree pattern was inspired by life’s journey.  “We only have one life, and your journey may take you in many different directions,” she says.  “This idea is reflected in the femininity of this design contrasted with the color black against the rose gold.”

Kylie's Feathers
“I just love this ‘Barely There’ pattern that was inspired by friendship!” exclaimed Zoe.  The feathers represent positivity, happiness and serenity, and the ‘barely there’ pattern provides the option of wearing this Minx design by itself, or over another color.

Spartan White Gold
“The inspiration for this simple, sexy Minx comes from my husband Steve, who is obsessed with the color white and whose heritage is Spartan,” chuckled Zoe.  “He had everything to do with the design of this Minx:  the white symbolizes strength, but is shielded by the gold.”
The Minx Professional for Zoe Vokis and other Minx designs can be purchased online by nail professionals anywhere in the world through the Web site.

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