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sCHMIDT 600 New Mid-Range Press Control

11 April 2013

SCHMIDT’s Technology offers a comprehensive range of press systems from a Manual presses to complex Electronic Servo Presses.

That enables the assembly of complex components from extremely small units to large units across a wide range industrial sectors these include automobile, aerospace, electronics, micro mechanics and medical.

The SCHMIDT Press Control 600 is a new mid-range product which will replace the well -know controls, 500, 1001 and 3000, which have serviced the industry for many years.

The New control offers many advantages and is truly state of the art technology. It’s a powerful production tool that is easy to set up and operate while allowing an intelligent level of process control.  This new model is a single axis control and will operate in a similar way to its big brother the multi-channel SCHMIDT Press Control 5000, which is designed for more complex applications. It has TUV safety approval when used with SCHMIDT safety block.

The standard system configuration of the SCHMIDT Press Control 600 allows intelligent process control of both the SCHMIDT Manual Press, Pneumatic, Hydro–Pneumatic Press and single axis SERVO Presses The integrated operator panel of the SCHMIDT Press Control 600 features a user-friendly touchscreen, while software¬ components for data storage can be installed on any Windows PC.  To withstand harsh environments, the industrial strength panel is built with an IP rating of 54.

The unit offer real-time data acquisition and evaluation on the basis of force and / or distance with the option of both stroke and force tolerances enables thus carrying out Quality inspection while the unit is process is being carried out. .

Full technical and application support for all presses and press control tools is available via SCHMIDT’s global network of specialised partners.

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