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Stedifoot Works With Crutches Too!

12 April 2013

Now available at is the innovative walking aid attachment known as Stedifoot, which provides additional grip, stability and support when walking, all at an affordable price.

Originally designed to be easily fitted to the end of a walking stick, the product has also been extensively tested on crutches by Manchester-based fashion designer Erica Stacey, who recently was recovering from a serious Achilles tendon injury sustained through playing badminton.

Erica found that the standard crutches she was given to use were not that effective on sand or rough roads and pavements and were wearing down very quickly so had no grip on smooth surfaces such as tiled floors.

In fact, she felt uneasy and wet pavements and wet floors were petrifying - a couple of times she slipped and banged her leg which was in plaster. It was clearly time to find a solution and so Erica carried out some research and obtained various products to try out, including a pair of the Stedifoot products.

Erica concluded: ”Once fitted to the end of each crutch, Stedifoot creates a larger surface area and continues up the back like a heel, so the end of the crutch is always in contact with the ground which gave me so much more confidence. It works well on wet pavements, slightly icy ground, smooth wooden floors and uneven surfaces such as gravel.

The surface of my Stedifoot has continued to wear well and help me - I highly recommend this product, which is suitable for all ages", adding: “I think they are a great product and have helped me so much throughout this unfortunate ordeal.”

To discuss your situation and for advice on whether Stedifoot can help improve your stability with crutches, please contact the Stedifoot team directly on 01242-890139 or email on

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