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12 April 2013

Automated Space Specify the NP-3411 from DED for Receipt Printing for the New boutique. Goldsmiths Vending Machine at Westfield, Stratford City

8th April 2013. With the ever increasing popularity of self service kiosks in so many consumer areas today, it’s not surprising that it has begun to branch out to higher value and luxury goods. The jewellery specialist chain boutique.Goldsmiths is now offering a unique and exciting way of purchasing goods and encouraging interest in window displays at their flagship store in Westfield, Stratford City.

The new self service kiosk at boutique.Goldsmiths uses a rotating carousel system to attract customers and attention to the store. Products are presented in windows on either side of the kiosk. Each product is held in an individual pod on the carousel which can be customised to optimise it’s appeal. The carousel can also be used to add impact to special promotions or highlight product ranges.

Designed and built by Rugby based Automated Space Ltd to be an integral part of the store frontage, the new kiosk at boutique.Goldsmiths offers many features in terms of aesthetics, functionality and security that make it pleasing to the eye whilst supporting the quality image that is expected from the Goldsmiths brand. Creating a convenient and hassle free shopping experience, the kiosk enables customers to purchase their goods immediately without queuing, at a convenient time, even when the store is closed.

Automated space worked with boutique.Goldsmiths on a bespoke design basis to ensure complete satisfaction with the finished product. The self service kiosk has several integrated parts, including a touch screen which allows products to be browsed and selected, a chip and pin machine for secure payments and of course a receipt printer to supply proof of purchase.

Working closely with DED to ensure that the receipt printer integration went smoothly, Automated Space specified size constraint issues for the printer immediately. The kiosk had been designed with a small footprint to facilitate ease of integration into the store front, space limitation inside the kiosk meant that the receipt printer would need to be small without compromising on performance. As the leading UK distributor for kiosk printers, DED suggested the NP-3411 printer from Nippon Primex.

Commenting on the selection of the NP-3411 from DED, Rod Mitchell from Automated Space said “we chose the NP-3411 due to the compact size of the unit; a 76mm wide receipt was needed to accommodate the company logo and this was the smallest width printer for this size of paper.”

Feedback on this innovative and exciting kiosk has been very positive thus far; lots of people are talking about the machine as well as looking at it in the shop window as they walk by.

The kiosk not only offers a new and unique way to purchase goods, it also logs all activity in terms of browsing and transactions to provide instant data, statistics and stock levels. It has a high security locking system, the window is made from security glass and there is a built-in security door protecting the products at the customer access point. This door only opens once the transaction is complete. The machine is robustly designed with high quality components to ensure reliability with minimal operator intervention.

Designed with flexibility in mind, the NP-3411 features a small footprint which is perfect for the kiosk environment. Ideal for printing in applications such as information kiosks and ticket issue, the NP-2311 features an auto paper loading mechanism, jam free cutter, fully opening print head and a paper low/out indicator. With dimensions of just 124.6mm wide x 123.5mm deep x 77.3mm high, the printer features a 24VDC supply, drivers for Windows 7/XP/2000/Vista/CE and Linux CUPS and interfaces for USB and RS232C Serial. Options include a paper bezel and a multi-position large capacity paper roll holder (increases paper capacity from 80mm diameter to 200mm diameter).

About Automated Space

Automated Space is a young, dynamic company based in Rugby, UK. It formed in 2010 to develop novel automated storage and retrieval systems for applications in the retail, domestic and hospitality sectors. The company is currently focused on the application of automation to the retail market where opportunities exist to combine automation with kiosk style product information and selection systems and new card or contactless payment methods. The particular combination of innovation, engineering skills and experience within the company provides a perfect platform to deliver solutions to this emerging market.

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