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03 May 2013


Simply put, the Nutrisvelt concept enables health and fitness businesses to help its members achieve their weight control goals quicker and faster than ever before. Whether your business wants only to use the Amino Stats Bio ZM II (with or without the diet rebalancing software), or intends to engage fully in the whole Nutrisvelt concept (incorporating the supplements and the aesthetic equipment), then any option is possible.

Nutrisvelt offers you the best and most accurate weight control / rehabilitation products and equipment on the market today. What sets this concept apart from any other on the market is the ability to measure fat mass, muscular mass, water mass, BMI and all other components that go towards generating an accurate body composition reading whilst also offering a tailored-made programme to combat any identified deficiencies.

What is the Nutrisvelt concept?

The Nutrisvelt concept is based on three key factors: i) Diagnosis, ii) Advice and iii) Body Care:

Diagnosis: By using the Amino Stats Bio ZM II, you are able to take a detailed reading of a user's height, weight and overall body composition to provide a detailed and accurate body composition reading. By using the diet rebalancing software associated with the Bio ZM II, you are then able to recommend products and/or make a tailor-made programme (incorporating the Nutrisvelt products and/or aesthetic equipment) to combat any deficiencies and/or issues to meet a user's needs.

Advice: Based upon the body composition results, you will be able to evaluate the reading and create an action plan going forwards in line with a user's ultimate goals and objectives. You are able to provide specific advice on target areas which may include a diet protocol (based on the diet rebalancing software) and recommend appropriate Nutrisvelt products and aesthetic equipment.

Body Care
: This protocol consists of a dual-frequency ultrasound treatment to assist in the elimination of superficial and/or deep internal fat tissue. The aesthetic equipment (the STX line) works in harmony with the relevant Nutrisvelt cosmetics to improve circulation and water-cell evacuation. Working simultaneously with the cosmetics and the STX line, a user will see rapid results in draining fatty acids from the lymphatic system.

How the concept work?

There are many different layers to the overall concept making it very easy and cost effective for individuals and/or businesses to engage in the process and be part of this exciting opportunity (at any level). Here are the various options:

Option 1
- Amino Stat Bio ZM II (without diet rebalancing software)

Whether you are an individual keen to monitor your body composition, or a health / fitness business keen to offer the latest innovative technology to your members (users), it is possible just to purchase the Amino States (without any additional software). By purchasing this equipment you will be able to determine accurate and up-to-the minute body compositions and calculate components such as fat mass, muscular mass, water mass, average daily calorie intake (based on height, weight, sex, age etc.).

Each user will be provided with a detailed body composition report clearly setting out his/her detailed body analysis and identifying any areas of concern (the diagnosis factor).

Purchasing the Bio ZM II is a good introduction to understanding the Nutrisvelt concept. However, for those users / businesses wanting to go further, you could engage in the concept at the next level by incorporating the Bio ZM II with the diet rebalancing software.

Option 2 - Amino Stat Bio ZM II (with diet rebalancing software)

In addition to purchasing the Bio ZM II you can acquire the diet rebalancing software; this will provide a user with a nutritional plan following on from the body composition report and is an invaluable tool for any health / fitness business wanting to offer its members that extra value added service.

The diet rebalancing software allows you to go one step further: it recommends products / equipment to combat areas of deficiency and provides solutions to help users achieve their target goals. For example: a user wanting to lose weight and refine his/her silhouette, may undergo a detailed body composition test which highlights certain issues such as excess fat. With the use of the diet rebalancing software, you are then able to tailor-make a programme to help that user achieve their weight loss goals; the programme will advise on what food supplements to take (and for what duration), recommend any supplements to combat deficiencies and suggest what, if any, aesthetic equipment should be used to refine the body shape.

The diet rebalancing software is an all-encompassing package designed to provide specific detailed advice to a user (the advice factor).

Option 3
- Amino Stats Bio ZM II + STX Line

For those people wanting the ultimate in innovation then the complete Nutrisvelt concept is for you - here, you will use the Bio ZM II (with diet rebalancing software) in perfect sync and harmony with the STX line of aesthetic equipment to provide overall body care (the body care factor).

By undergoing the body composition test and following the recommended menu planner (based on the diet rebalancing software) a user may then complement their programme with the dual frequency ultrasound treatment (whether using the vibrating and/or oscillating plates) of the STX line. The actual STX equipment to be used will be determined by the ultimate targets and/or goals of the user; each STX has its own sole functions. Therefore, those wanting to invest in the latest state of the art technology in weight control should consider purchasing the entire range of STX (green, blue, red and black) to tackle even the most strictest targets or goals.

However, there is no need for a business to purchase all aesthetic equipment. Depending upon the nature of your business, it may be preferable to purchase one type of STX. For example: those businesses with a focus on weight loss and cellulite removal may wish to purchase solely the STX Blue (in addition to the Bio ZM II with diet rebalancing software).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eat normally?

If you are recommended to follow a diet rebalancing programme for the first few days you will be required to limit yourself to the Nutrisvelt food supplements together with fresh fruit and vegetables (when directed). Your Nutrisvelt agent will advise you of the appropriate number of days in which you shall be restricted and the duration will vary depending upon the ultimate target and/or goals to be achieved.

Any diet rebalancing will consist of 2 phases:

1) a user will only eat food supplements together with vegetables / crudities (no limit) - no fruit may be consumed in this phase.

2) a user will begin to reduce the intake of food supplements and re-introduce protein to the diet. Vegetables may still be consumed but will be restricted to a maximum of 300grams per meal. A user may also introduce fat free yoghurt and fruit in this phase.

A detailed food supplement recommendation / menu planner will be provided to each user following a body composition reading (if undertaken).

How do you calculate my daily intake of calories?

On average, women who follow a weight-loss programme will need to consume approximately 1200 calories per day (this may vary depending upon height / weight). Men who follow a weight-loss programme, on average will need to consume approximately 1700 calories per day (again height and weight depending).

Once the body composition reading is available, daily calorie intake will be calculated based upon those results (this is why each programme is tailor-made to each user). The Bio ZM II will calculate a user's weight, size, height etc. Taking into account other factors such as a user's target goals, sex and age, a recommended daily intake will be calculated.

Once a daily intake is determined, the Nutrisvelt agent will recommend a dietary programme based upon the appropriate calorie intake. Each food supplement contains between 90 to 170 kcals and a specific menu planner will be created accordingly.

Can I drink alcohol during a weight-loss programme?

Remember, alcohol contains calories and any consumption of alcohol during the course of a programme will undoubtedly affect results. There is no rule against consuming alcohol during the programme and if you definitely feel the need for a drink, then moderation is the key.

Am I able to exercise as part of the Nutrisvelt concept?

Of course, exercise is great. Just be mindful that energy reserves may be on the low side due to a restriction of food (if following a weight-loss programme) therefore advice is to take any exercise gently and in moderation.

Those users combining a weight-loss programme with the use of aesthetic equipment may not need and/or want to undertake any additional exercise as use of the overall Nutrisvelt concept will guarantee results.

How do I purchase the products?

You can place an order through our web site or contact David Monsellier directly by email or phone 07911 717118 . Details of prices are available through the appropriate web site link.

We can deliver straight to your door all Nutrisvelt products and aesthetic equipment (delivery information will depend upon the recipient location).

Kind regards

David Monsellier

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