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Avaya Index Maintenance Contracts

03 May 2013

There are only two problems with having a maintenance contract with your Avaya INDeX telephone system.

1. The price of maintaining it was far too high and was worked on the basis of 10-12% of the initial purchase price.  Even though the price is only a fraction of the original price most Avaya resellers still work on the basis of 10% or the ORIGINAL new price which in most cases is prohibitive.

2. The reliability of the system is well known- it rarely broke down.  Check your system records and see when you last required an engineer to visit your premises.  It is widely acknowledged as one of the most reliable telephone system in the market today. BUT, what do you do when there is a fault?

CALL  08000 093 053

We are Avaya I.NDeX specialists.  We ONLY deal with that model and of course know it very well and can get you an engineer almost anywhere in mainland UK. 

We can also offer you a variety of maintenance contracts varying from remote analysis, installation and/or upgrades, disaster recovery, monthly, quarterly or annual.  ALL at prices that take into account the dramatic drop in spare part prices.

For example, a digital extension card (DSLC32) originally cost £3,150.00  Many companies still charge 10% of original purchase price for maintaining it - £315.00 pa.  I SELL these cards for £30.00 with a 90 day warranty.  This will give you an indication of how I can offer you a fair price. 

See our website for further details

David Girling

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