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Earth Testing made Easy

17 July 2008

Megger have launched a more convenient testing solution to measure the resistence of earth.

Earth testing measures the level of conductivity of the earth. Large earth system testing is crucial for the protection of the electricity supply network and enables power companies to check that fault current will trigger protective devices to operate correctly- therefore reducing the danger of excessive voltages developing. When conductivity is measured, testers are looking for low level of conductivity to class a power supply as safe.

Megger have developed a range of digital earth testers that are powered by rechargeable batteries as well as versions with variable test frequency. Megger have also increased the maximum resistance that can be measured by the earth tester by ten fold for all models.

The Meggar range of earth testers are capable of measuring the most demanding application requiring maximum versatility. The new DET4TC2 by Megger is charged by standard AA batteries and the DET4TCR2 which uses rechargeable batteries (and has an integral charger, supplied complete with a mains adaptor) can support two, three or four pole testing as well as Attached Rod Technique (ART) stakeless, leakage current and earth noise voltage measurement.

You are also able to select the test frequency from 94Hz, 105Hz, 111Hz and 128Hz allowing further flexibility.
Also available are the new DET4TD2 and DET4TR2 testers, the former being designed for use with replaceable batteries, the latter with rechargeable cells. Fully supporting the most popular earth resistance test methods – two-, three- and four-pole testing – these very competitively priced instruments are an ideal choice for use where the exceptional versatility of the DET4TC models is not needed.

Meggar commented that they are now finding that more and more large sized electrical contractors are using the new range of earth testers due to the new range’s improved versatility

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