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Evolution Shapes

16 May 2013

You’re never too old to benefit from treatment, indeed the tuning of your body helps you adapt to life’s demands. Essentially treatment makes you younger.

Evolution shapes us. Evolution as a tool, as a process, has little to do with us once we are past the reproductive phase in life. We walk on two legs as humans and their precursors have done for at least five million years.

These early peoples spread throughout the world following water courses for food transport and safety, along with the benefits of cool water for soft tissue injuries. Hydrotherapy and manipulation have been around for so long that we must have descended from those who benefitted from them and survived to pass on their genes.

The early osteopaths were quite wrong to call their approach to healthcare a new system. It has to be the oldest of approaches as the ability to adjust a joint that has been sprained requires no herbs that cannot be found in the area, no surgery; that wasn’t much more than rapid slashing of the very drunk doped with opium patient – until the advent of anaesthesia, with a monstrous death toll until the advent of antiseptics.

Once we are past the reproductive phase, however, evolution has not been there to make us fitter to our environment and our environment has changed at an enormous rate. We adapt to the stressors of life when we are healthy and retain those adaptations often long past their time.

Treatment can not only unwind you and give you back use of your resources it can help you to adapt further. By doing things easier you have more energy left in the tank.

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