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New Hygienic Range of Cable Protectors from Vulcascot

17 May 2013

Health and Safety in the food and drink industry has a new complient cable protector product range.

Dangers abound in every type of workplace including food preparation and drinks manufacturing particularly when temporary cables are left to their own devices when straggling unprotected, across a production floor.

An unsighted worker ladened with heavy boxes would be a prime candidate to trip and fall over the cables which could lead to horrible injuries and heavy insurance compensation.  The need for flexible floor laid cable protection has never been more needed.

Vulcascot the cable protector people have just launched a new range called "Hygienic" for use in direct contact with food and drink. Producted in grey these new, technical cable protectors are manufactured in accordance with BS EN 681-1: 1996 which means they will not adversely affect food or drink being produced.

These new Cable Protectors can also be used in direct contact with drinking water so much so that having poured fresh water through the calbe protector compartments it would still be perfectly drinkable at the opposite end.

The perfect answer to all cable protection problems wherever food and drink is being prepared.

For further technical information please call:

Barry Copeman

Tel            0208 777 2889
Mobile       07768 510368

Or the vulcascot sales team on our Hotline Number 0800 0352842

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