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Medpage Limited T/A Easylink UK Introduce New Fall Detection Product

20 May 2013

The device is housed in our 4-channel key fob case so as not to appear labelling in any way, a reason identified recently why people fail to use some fall alarms available.

With the added features of SOS and remote control, a person at risk from falls is more likely carry it around as it has use for them.

The FAS-2 is a multi-function product with dual fall detection sensors. The sensors are controlled by software that provides four modes of fall detection. 1. Sudden drop. 2. Tilt from vertical to horizontal. 3. Slump fall. 4. Abnormal prolonged movement after a fall indicative of an epileptic seizure.

SOS The FAS-2 has an SOS button that can signal the MPPL pager for in-house carer fall alert, or can trigger our AD–01 telephone dialler or any other device programmed to receive signals.

The FAS-2 is equipped with two buttons that can be used to control HomeEasy remote control products, such as lighting or electrical appliances from the wall socket.

If the fall alarm is activated an integral vibration alert operates to warn the user. This feature substantially reduces false alarms especially when used with a telephone auto dialler. Additionally, the vibration alert operates as a reassurance indication when any of the buttons are pressed.

Essential for people with dual sensory loss.

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