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20 May 2013

Call-Hear, an alert aid supplied by Medpage Limited T/A Easylink UK, offers a convenient way for people with mobility problems to gain access or attention when help is required to enter a building or access an awkward area.

The system comprises of a rugged transmitter with a clearly marked call button and a magnetic sensor. The sensor can be activated by a telescopic wand enabling a person in a wheelchair to easily operate the call switch.

When the call switch is activated an alarm signal is transmitted to a portable battery/mains powered alarm receiver with tone alarm and flashing light. With the magnetic sensor, the transmitter can be installed to an inside window.

A sticker is provided for the outside of the window, replicating the transmitter unit. Additionally, a pull cord transmitter is available that can be used for W/C alarm applications.

The product offers an economical solution for smaller retail outlets to comply with Disabled Access compliance requirements and improve services offered to disabled customers.

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