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Process Monitoring

24 May 2013

Process monitoring can only detect if one single pin is damaged or not pressed properly in assemblies with very few pins.

The damage of a single pin cannot be detected while pressing many pins simultaneously.  Monitoring however can detect if adequate interference is present, even with a high number of pins.  The amount of interference is an indication on if the through holes in the PCB are properly soldered.

Your application has only 5 pins. I also attach a typical record of Failure Mode for Missing pin, Pin Bent to cavity, Misaligned board, No Board, Board on Housing

Inspection, measurement capabilities

  • Inspect presence of  every single pin prior to press cycle (requires servo press)
  • Inspect presence of every single pin post press cycle
  • Inspect distance between top of compliant pins and PCB
  • Inspect for 'levelness' of PCB
  • Inspect height of all pins relative to each other
Methods for inspection
  • Physical / mechanical dimensional inspection via precision, low force probes in combination with laser sensor
  • Measurement via a variety of laser sensors
  • Continuity check
  • PCB levelness via three or four point inspection
I hope this information is of use to you

Roger Ilett

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