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29 May 2013

Why the Nutrisvelt concept is different and incomparable to any other weight loss programme on the market?

With the increasing number of weight loss products and programmes on the market (whether being sold in shops, leisure industries, aesthetics businesses or even online), it is becoming harder for people to know what product or programme is the right one for them. This is why the Nutrisvelt concept is so different and unlike any other concepts on the market today - combining the latest technology with a tailor-made programme, Nutrisvelt will be able to provide a weight loss programme specifically designed to take account of a person's age, sex, height and weight.

A tailor-made programme is prepared based on the results of a detailed body composition following the calculation of a person's own vital statistics. As part of this programme, Nutrisvelt will be able to clearly calculate a person's required minimum daily calorie intake; this will indicate whether in fact a person's present calorie intake is excessive or too low.

To ensure that a person keeps motivated and on the right track to achieving their weight loss goals, the Nutrisvelt concept provides for a regular follow-up and monitor of the tailor-made programme. So many products or programmes on the market today rely heavily on sole participation as being the main factor to guaranteeing success. Therefore, it is so easy for people to lose the motivation to carry-on and keep up the momentum when all they have is a manual or contact telephone number to help in times of strain; this is why those products are bound to fail.

The Nutrisvelt concept will ensure that a person is supported throughout the programme and will provide constant encouragement and maintain motivation.

The Nutrisvelt Concept - Outline

1) Diagnosis
Body Composition Test

2) Analyse
Composition Test Results

3) Results
Tailor-made Programme

1) Diagnosis - Body Composition Test (Amino Stats BIO ZMII)

One of the best features of the Amino States BIO ZMII body composition device is that it's portable - you can either travel to the person or the person can come to your business; it's so easy and lightweight to use and can be carried anywhere.

Before starting any weight loss programme, a person will need to undergo a detailed body composition test using the Amino Stats BIO ZMII which is the latest technology in providing detailed diagnostic results.

During the test, the person will undergo a through consultation to determine his / her regular daily calorie intake, ascertain important information about his / her daily routine such as exercise, eating habits, drinking etc.

Based on the information inserted into the Amino Stats BIO ZM II together with the specific results, a person will be able to find out the precise amount of calories that should be consumed by that particular person on a daily basis.

To find out more information about the Amino Stats BIO ZMII and to see exactly how it works, please click onto this link: )

2)  Analyse - Composition Test Results

Only once a person has undergone a body composition test using the Amino Stats Bio ZMII by Nutrisvelt will he/she fully appreciate and understand the exact amount of daily calorie intake that is required to assist them in achieving their weight loss goals.

In addition to providing the person with an accurate reading for daily calorie intake, the body composition test results will provide a detailed analysis comprising of his/her fat mass, muscular mass, water mass etc.

By embarking on the Nutrisvelt concept and undergoing a body composition test, a person will receive a detailed analysis of their body composition. Never before has a machine provided such intricate and accurate information about the 'make-up' of a body and by using this specific knowledge and information, a person can be provided with a tailor-made programme that is geared specifically to their body. This is unlike any other product on the market.

3)  Results - Tailor-Made Programme

Based on the results of the body composition test, a person will be provided with a bespoke programme incorporating exercise, aesthetic treatments, dietary supplements and delicious weight controls foods.

A person will receive a menu that has been designed specifically with their body's needs and requirements in mind; not only does this ensure that he/she loses weight safely and controlled, but also ensures that the body receives the right nutrients and vitamins necessary to create a healthy and balanced diet.

What are the food supplements and how do they work in the tailor-made programme?

Each food supplement contains between 90 to 170kcal.

Tailor-made programmes are divided into 2 phases - in each phase a person shall be required to consume 5 meals a day to ensure that he/she consumes the correct daily nutritional requirements and has the right daily calorie intake.

Phase 1 - only food supplements, together with unlimited vegetables or crudities are consumed during this period. Strictly no fruit or yoghurt is allowed.

Unlike other weight loss programmes on the market, the Nutrisvelt concept allows a person to drink tea (including herbal teas) and coffee. Caffeine is not forbidden.

Phase 2 – continue in the same fashion as phase 1 for breakfast, but instead of consuming food supplements during the lunchtime and evening meals, a person will substitute the supplements for 100 grams of animal protein (vegetarian users will substitute the animal protein for a soya or tofu equivalent). Vegetables and crudities are no longer unlimited and will be restricted to 300g per meal. A person may introduce fruit and yoghurt into the diet at this stage but their consumption must not equate to an amount over the required daily calorie intake.

What is a standard tailor-made programme?

In short, there is no standard tailor-made programme that is the whole point. Each programme is bespoke to each person and no two programmes will ever be alike.

However, the Nutrisvelt concept is consistently applied to each person and although each programme will differ from person to person, the procedure is the same throughout. In particular:

Second Body Composition Test

This is undertaken at approximately 2 weekly intervals; the purpose of the subsequent testing is to monitor progress and provide that additional level of support to a person which is missing from so many other weight loss programmes on the market.

At this juncture, the tailor-made programme may be revised to accommodate any change in weight loss goals. This will include a revised menu if necessary.

Regular Monitoring

Throughout the duration of tailor-made programme a person will be regularly monitored and given encouragement and advice to assist him/her on their road to weight loss. Those persons on target for achieving their goals may only need slight adjustments to the exercise, treatments and dietary programme. Others who are struggling to achieve their goals may need to embark upon a revised or replacement plan - either way, through regular monitoring and regular body composition updates, a person will be able to accurately monitor their own progress and discuss the results.

Once the target weight is achieved and there is no longer a need for a person to follow the tailor-made programme, he/she can simply consume the food or dietary supplements at home as part of the normal daily routine, together with maintaining a healthy exercise regime. A person can arrange a regular consultation on either a monthly or quarterly basis (depending upon personal circumstances) to ensure that the desired weight level is maintained.

The Nutrisvelt concept does not simply forget about a person once the programme is complete, instead, it provides an on-going support service and back-up to persons on a regular basis to ensure that their new lifestyle is maintained.

Other Services

In addition to providing specific dietary advice and a strict weight loss programme, the Nutrisvelt concept also incorporates personal training sessions based on the power plate vibration machine, and ultrasound equipment known as the STX Line.

To find out more information about the different types of training and aesthetics treatments available, please click onto this link:

Final Word

I hope you have found this basic outline of the Nutrisvelt concept useful. Should you require any more detailed information about the concept, or the products or treatments available, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

David Monsellier

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