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Does wearing high heels mean you’ll need treatment for lower back pain?

29 May 2013


If you get back pain, especially low back pain after wearing high heels it can mean the muscles of your back are working hard to maintain your balance because the arches of your spine are not as flexible as they could be.

If the back pain is present more the next morning and takes about half an hour of moving about to ease it’s likely the deep ligaments of the spine have been put on stretch in an attempt to accommodate the increase of curve in the lumbar arch needed for balance.

This pain may be felt in the front of the pelvis, too.
Headaches can also arise from the same conditions as the body twists and turns in an attempt to adapt to a tilted baseline at the feet. These headaches are usually across the base of the skull but can radiate over the top of the head to the eyebrows. That hangover may have been the heels.

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