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Carbon Monoxide Sensors for Domestic Applications.

10 June 2013

Figaro Engineering Inc. of Japan, have announced their latest gas sensor development ----the TGS5000 series of battery operable electrochemical sensors for Carbon Monoxide. Figaro offers two models--the long life sensor TGS5042, and the compact size sensor TGS5342.

The sensors give excellent stability, by using Figaro’s patented very low concentration of a mixed/prepared alkaline electrolyte comprising KOH, KHCO3, and K2CO3.

With this weak alkaline electrolyte, no significant damage to the electrodes occurs in long term operation despite having only two electrodes. By optimizing the sensor’s internal structure, the evaporation speed of the water reservoir has been minimized. As a result, expected sensor life has been extended to 7 years and 10 years* for TGS5342 and 5042, respectively. - Using individual sensitivity data shown on the sensor body, gas calibration can be skipped.

* Linear relationship between CO gas concentration and sensor output * Meets UL2034, EN50291, EN50545-1 ISO/FDIS7240-8 and RoHS

 Full Information available from UK Agents and Distributors; Omni Sensors and Transmitters Ltd 01926 614263

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