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Sluice Room Hell or Heaven

07 June 2013

The disposal of human bodily waste is one of the most vital operations for the control of infection and wellbeing of your patients, residents and staff.

This topic is also one of the most disagreeable operations that has to be performed. Couple this with regulatory demands and we have a subject  that doesn't make many a dinner party conversation.

The room in which this is performed, the sluice room, is often the room left over after the rooms have been allocated to more agreeable tasks. Its size and shape can vary from the ideal to the ridiculous.
When converting a room to a sluice room attention must be paid to the walls, floors and ceilings ensuring that their covering
do not have the potential to become a breeding ground for bacteria. Next comes equipment selection that best fulfils your current requirements and regulations, with eyes wide open as to future changes in both these areas. This equipment must be grouped into clean and dirty areas with due consideration to efficient and effective work flow.

There are a variety of suitable Stainless steel sinks, racks and handwash basins to choose from But the inclusion of a Bedpan washer/ disinfector to decontaminate urine bottles, bedpans and commode pots is essential for infection control.  Steam cleaning destroys harmful bacteria and prevents cross infection between
residents and between residents and staff members.

Get everything right
and perhaps heaven is too strong a word but you will have a facility that makes human waste disposal as agreeable as possible.

A facility that minimises the cost of meeting future demands
and regulations. And, above all a facility that keeps bugs at bay and the law suits away.

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