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Velodrome, Olympic Park

07 June 2013

Central Flooring Services have just completed a 600m2 concourse at the Olympic Park Velodrome.

The specification called for the grinding of the existing concrete followed by the installation of a new resin flooring system with high durability and aesthetics.

Once the floor had been fully ground and vacuumed all cracks and chips were repaired with an epoxy repair mortar and then coated with 2 coats of Sika 264 epoxy high build coating. To provide a high aesthetic look a further clear matt coat of Sika 365N was applied.

The project was completed for part of legacy works to change the Olympic Village into the Queen Elizabeth Park. After a rigorous selection process Central Flooring Services Ltd were chosen due to their experience and quality of work.

The legacy committee, which is overseen by Lord Coe and the Mayor of London, worked with Central Flooring Services for the product and colour choice and were responsible for inspecting the project for signing off, so it was critical to for the job to be of a high standard.

A full ITP (inspection and testing programme) quality procedure was produced to ensure the completed project was handed over to a completely satisfied client with no defects.

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