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10 June 2013

wrist donut is providing comfort and relief to thousands of computer users

With customers ranging from those simply looking for a more comfortable way of working with computers to those longing for relief from the pain of RSI, the wrist donut is providing comfort and relief to computer users in many countries across the World; with some wrist donut users claiming that the product enables them to continue working.

Ergonomically designed to support the lower palm and wrist joint in a level, comfortable and relaxed position; the wrist donut frees computer users from the fixed working position of desk mounted wrist rests.

The Company reports that thousands of people are already reaping the benefits of the wrist donut, resulting in an enormous amount of hugely positive feedback being received.

Maggie Andrews, MD, explained "We are absolutely delighted to hear how much the wrist donut is helping people. One recent example was an email from one of our customers which read "I have been using the wrist donut since November 2011.  Without it, I would not have been able to continue full-time work.  It is fantastic. I would recommend it to anyone." 

Another wrist donut customer wrote, "A brilliant idea - so much better than fixed wrist rests - as no one keeps their hand in the same place all the time. Great for a hot-desking office too - just pop them in your hot box. Simple and very effective - highly recommended".

The wrist donut, which comes in three sizes; small, medium and large, is available in a range of seven colours and can be branded with company logos or personalised with individual’s names. The wrist donut retails at £8.50 (excl. VAT) and is available to order online from

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