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10 June 2013

The latest release of our leading ActiveSalon Salon Management Software comes with some excellent new features.

Marketing and Social Media - New

We have introduced direct integration to Twitter and Facebook into the product. This gives the Front Office ‘Dashboard’ additional capabilities on top of the existing shop status and staff performance breakdown. ActiveSalon already allows direct text and email marketing to clients, along with appointment reminders, but now we have introduced a quick message feature that now allows ad hoc messages to be sent to individual, just like you would an email.

Walk-in Appointment Bookings

Due to the pedigree of Solartrack in the tanning industry, ActiveSalon has the advantage over other systems of having direct integration to equipment in the salon. We directly control tanning beds, vibro-plate machines or even spray tans, all through the software.

The new ‘walk-in’ button speeds up the existing appointment book process (be it tanning/spa/medical/hair/treatment) by providing the next available resource based on the clients booking history.

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