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Hooray! It’s nearly Summer (we hope!)

11 June 2013

Let’s clean up those dirty old handsets and have some nice new curly cords and inserts to match the sunshine and put a smile on the faces of your staff.

The only qualifier is that the handsets MUST be Avaya INDeX.  That is any model in the DT or “20” series ranges
If you do not have spare handsets and obviously require them to continue your business, call us and we can probably supply replacements prior to sending handsets to us for refurbishing.

“When we get your old dirty handsets, we strip them down,. Remove all of the inserts and cables and put them through our cleaning process. They are then checked and tested so we can replace scuffed screen or worn out keys.

They are then rebuilt and electronically tested either NEW curly cords, inserts and hygienically cleaned hand pieces are fitted.  The finished, tested handset is then shrink-wrapped to keep it clean and returned to you . All within 5 days and for only £10.00 + carriage + vat each.

And finally, remember that we probably hold the largest and most comprehensive stock of 2nd user Avaya INDeX kit in the UK

For help and advice, please call us on FREEPHONE:
08000 093 053

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