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Health & Safety Expo

25 June 2013

At the Safety and Health Expo recently, we ran a special offer on equipment rental and there's still time to make the most of it!

The offer expires on 30th June but so long as you get your order in, you'll be able to enjoy the benefit. It's worth having a look even if you looked before because you will probably be surprised at how much equipment there is!

It's a nice and simple offer where you get a straight 10% off the rental price in return for a code that I will share with you. You can use it for anything, for example, did you know we do inspection cameras and cable detection devices? We also do thermal imaging cameras, air sampling pump kits and lung function testers (spirometers). Not to mention more than ever in the noise and vibration meter sections.

The code, which you will need to enter into the checkout page once you have selected the kit you want to hire, is SHERG42.

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