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02 July 2013

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in demand for bare wire instantaneous water heating systems in both commercial and domestic environments.

Nick Taylor, Sales Director at Zip Heaters UK, explains why this trend has prompted Zip to create one of the most innovative and sophisticated ranges available in the UK:

“As a result of our phenomenal success with the InLine ES product Zip have committed to going fully bare wire – the recent addition of the DEX12 product to the range now means that we have a comprehensive bare wire range covering 2.8kW up to 27kW three phase units. We will now completely discontinue the antiquated tubular type element for the complete instantaneous range.

“We know that organisations are increasingly looking at ways to reduce costs through water and energy savings, which has prompted a real trend amongst larger organisations to install products and appliances which help to reduce costs. Consequently our bare wire instantaneous water heating solutions have seen an increase in popularity, as they are equipped with superior energy efficient systems which ensure power consumption is at its lowest.

“Bare wire technology is still a relatively new development in the UK compared to the continent, but offers far-reaching benefits in terms of performance, consistency and control compared to other products available on the market.

“In contrast to traditional instantaneous water products where the heating element is enclosed in a heat exchanger, bare wire sees the heating element directly included in the flow path of the water. This feature allows heat to be transmitted directly to the water, giving greater efficiency and a much quicker heat up time, typically less than two seconds.

“In traditional water heaters, elements and heat exchangers tend to absorb a significant amount of energy before the water is even delivered, the energy is allowed to dissipate which causes temperature to fluctuate and often ultimately run off at an usable temperature. Bare wire technology, as featured in the DEX and DBX models, prevents these issues from occurring and provides the most energy efficient means of heating water electrically. When comparing the energy used over a 24 hour period to deliver 75 litres of water at 380C (assuming a 120C supply) typical savings of 23% can be achieved.

“The move to introduce bare wire technology was taken with a view to create unrivalled energy efficiency. The quick reaction time of bare wire technology, coupled with InLine electronic control systems means that the system only applies the exact power necessary to achieve the required temperature.

“By embracing bare wire technology we can offer the end user a product of the highest efficiency, this simple addition leads to several other advantages such as quicker system response, increased accuracy of control and consistency of temperature.

“For installers, the Zip InLine range has the benefits of easy installation as they simply connect to standard closed outlet taps without the need for unvented water controls. Additionally the unit’s compact size enables it to fit neatly and unobtrusively in any location. 

“As bare wire is still a relatively new technology we want to help installers and specifiers understand the practicalities and characteristics of the technology through our regular training programmes. This allows us to provide them with all the support, advice and information they need to understand how to install this high quality product.”

For more information on bare wire technology and Zip’s complete range of domestic and commercial, instantaneous, on-wall and counter-mounted water heating products, visit the website or call 0845 6 005 005.

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