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02 July 2013

The world leaders in instant boiling water products Zip Industries has pioneered the innovative HydroTap product as the kitchen appliance for savvy homeowners for the past few years in the UK.

Now, with a new addition to its iconic range, Zip is delighted to introduce the Sparkling HydroTap – available to buy for residential and commercial installations.

With all the benefits of the traditional HydroTap, this exciting new model was unveiled for the first time in the UK in October 2012.

Delivering instant filtered boiling, instant filtered chilled and instant filtered sparkling water, all at the touch of a lever within one attractive design, Zip’s Sparkling HydroTap is set to make a big impression with customers.

Keeping its iconic design, font or ‘on sink’ installation options and available in a chic chrome finish, the new Sparkling HydroTap is an extremely practical solution for homeowners and commercial environments looking for the very best in boiling, chilled and sparkling water functionality from one stylish appliance.

A Sparkling Idea

Providing even broader appeal to end users than the current domestic HydroTap, Zip’s decision to offer sparkling chilled filtered water meets a consumer desire for something more than just chilled water alone.

Not only can the Zip Sparkling HydroTap help save money, replacing the need to buy costly bottled water, it also adds excitement into every glass of H2O and can help with many recipes in the kitchen.

Pouring to a ‘tea’

Pushing the blue lever back will start a continual flow of chilled water, pressing the red lever will provide boiling water and pressing both the red and blue levers together will deliver chilled sparkling water in an instant.

Making life even easier, by pulling either or both levers forward can deliver a measured amount of boiling, chilled or sparkling filtered water for any pre-set period of five to 15 seconds. Users can set the amount required using the controls on the under counter unit, which is tucked away, out of sight but easily accessed.

Inactivity sleep mode

If the HydroTap is not used for a couple of hours, it will power down the boiling process and keep the water at a 65oC. This not only saves energy but can save money too. However, the water will quickly return to optimum hot drink temperature as soon as the lever is activated.

24 /7

For real energy savings, a timer can be set to ensure that the HydroTap is ready for action when it’s going to be used the most. Programming it to turn off overnight, when out of the house, at work, on the school run or away on holiday, can not only dramatically reduce household carbon footprints, but can save money too.

Full service package

As with all of Zip’s domestic and commercial instant water heating products, the Sparkling HydroTap is easy to look after thanks to a thorough maintenance programme.

The external gas cylinder used for Zip's Sparkling HydroTap will provide around 100 litres of sparkling chilled filtered water. The sparkling HydroTap comes with two gas cylinders when purchased and additional cylinders can be bought directly through Zip Industries. Customers can also approach other gas cylinder suppliers should they so wish.

Train to gain

Zip Industries offers tailor-made training for all installers looking to brush up on their instant and / or instantaneous water heating knowledge. For those keen to learn about the new Sparkling HydroTap, Zip has just launched ‘Training Thursdays’ at their new showroom in Clerkenwell, London, whilst one-to-one and on-location training options are also available, free of charge. For more information on the training available, simply get in touch with Zip and sign up to join their regular training sessions.

Zip is the world leader in instant boiling water products, offering a complete collection of HydroTap models to provide a solution for every residential and commercial installation. The new Sparkling HydroTap supplies instant filtered boiling, instant filtered chilled and instant filtered chilled sparkling water at the touch of a lever. The Sparkling HydroTap is available to buy for residential and commercial applications.

For more information about Zip Industries product range, training and customer service, visit or call 08456 005 005.

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