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Natural Effectiveness

03 July 2013

With 100% Natural active ingredients and no parabens, the Jean d’Estrees So Nature range offers guaranteed prolonged smoothness between depilation treatments with the use of ESTREPIL.

ESTREPIL  works on the hair during the Anagen  growth stage. Vegetable Extract rich in Gymnemic Acid , reduces the activity of the cells in the hair bulb thus retarding growth, while an Enzymatic complex softly exfoliates the epidermis, limiting the occurrence of in grown hairs. Aloe Vera and Sweet Almond oil calm irritations, giving a hydrating, smoothing and healing effect.

At home-  ESTREPIL Extra –soft Moisturising milk for face and body. Applied morning and/or evening on depilated areas. This thick creamy gel supplies infinite hydration and softness, with the delicate perfume of sweet almond oil.

In salon- ESTREPIL Soothing Anti-regrowth Concentrate. From the moment this soothing gel is applied it creates a “dressing “ that calms irritated skin.
Tests carried out show that hair growth is slowed by 69% after 7 days

Testers and POS materials are available and may be free when packages are purchased.

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