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Suffering from a stiff neck when you wake up?

12 July 2013

Neck stiffness in which is worse in the morning is usually attributed to strain of ligaments.

More likely it can be the result of overworked muscles that have not been able to rest sufficiently overnight. This often happens when the restless sleeper has used the already sore neck muscles to lever the body over in bed, pushing with the head.

The arch of the neck is maintained in the upright position by continuous action of the muscles at the back of the neck as the centre of gravity of the head is in front of the column of the neck and the head would fall forward onto the chest without work being done.

This is one of the many reasons for headaches that arise from tension of the muscles at the base of the skull.

Soreness of the tissues of the neck can be because the muscles have worked anaerobically, where muscles work in the absence of adequate oxygen – possibly due to lack of adequate drainage of venous blood because of compression of veins by tight muscle and a lack of perfusion of oxygen through the active tissue.

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