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Ten times as many people die on UK roads…

19 July 2013

Health & Safety in the workplace is important and is to be celebrated for its successes, with around 170 workplace deaths annually.

However, ten times as many people are killed each year on UK roads. Figures just released show that there were 1754 deaths in 2012.

Whilst this is the lowest on record it still represents a tragedy for every one of the families whose lives have been changed forever. And whilst the figures for most groups have fallen, there's a worrying 10% increase in cyclists killed.

The risks involving business drivers cannot be overlooked, no responsible employer wants to see one of their employees involved. Even when your employee is 'not a fault' the disruptions to the business can be enormous.

Driving is such a part of our way of life that most people don't see it as dangerous, least of all those who drive many miles on business. How can we help them to see things differently and reduce their risks?

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