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It is with great honour that I email you all today to share some pretty darn terrific news!!

19 July 2013

One of our longest serving CND Education Ambassadors Pamela Rohlf will be celebrating her 25th Anniversary of Nail Talk her exclusive CND salon in Maidenhead Berkshire.

Sadly (very sadly) Sam and I will be in Las Vegas for a week of meetings but we wanted to take the opportunity to share Pamela’s 25th year triumph and achievement as it really is a great one!  There are many out there who have never been able to keep a business for 25 minutes never mind 25 years!! 

Please join us in shouting, whooping, hollering, high-fiving, loving and respecting to Pamela who is a legend within our CND community and who has unreservedly believed in and supported the CND brand, Designer Nails and Sweet Squared for all these long years! 

Pamela, we love and adore you and our team would not be our team without you.  There will be a few surprises in store for you on Saturday and I hope you enjoy every one of them!! 

Samuel, Gigi, Jim, Jan Arnold, Denise Dente and I want to send you our warmest love and congratulations and here’s to your continued success and partnership!!  We are hugely proud of all your trophy’s, accomplishments and your unswerving attitude to Serving the Pro and creating great artists to looking after your customers and keeping their nails beautiful!!! 


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