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Rhinophalt® from Ultracrete – the answer to the crumbling road crisis!

29 July 2013

In June, The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) released its flagship ‘The State of the Nation Transport 2013’ report which highlights key infrastructure opportunities to help combat the challenges that the UK is currently experiencing.

It is no secret that the UK’s road infrastructure requires much needed maintenance. According to the ALARM 2103 survey, one in five of the UK’s roads are in poor condition, which means they have less than five years of life remaining. With the cost of maintenance far outweighing the budget, the future looks bleak for one of the country’s most important assets.

In the report, the ICE recognise the significant benefits that the transport infrastructure brings to the economy and urges for a more strategic approach to maintaining it; more long term planning regimes for road maintenance, instead of reactive, short-term solutions.

Imagine the savings that could be gained from investing more in a road at the beginning of its life, making it stronger and thus preventing it from falling into disrepair later on. The pothole blight would dissipate as well as the associated costs of treating it, which amounted to over £90 million for councils in England and Wales alone last year.  This was exacerbated by the extreme rainfall, which created an estimated £338 million worth of damage (ALARM survey 2013).

Rhinophalt® from Ultracrete is a unique BBA HAPAS approved, proven preservation system that significantly extends the life of asphalt surfaces by sealing in the essential oils of the bituminous binder and providing protection from weathering, oxidisation and the ingress of water and saline. This prevents the loosening of aggregate and development of cracks such that water cannot penetrate into the road’s surface and lead to eventual pothole formation.

Rhinophalt® is cold spray applied to the existing asphalt surface; for optimum whole life benefit  it should be applied to asphalt that is yet to show signs of deterioration, but is also proven on sound, older surfaces, in order to prevent further degradation.

This revolutionary system will go a long way in helping to improve the current road crisis; and has already been used successfully to treat a number of roads including the M40 motorway, which boasts (one of) the highest availability rates on the motorway network. Closures are kept to a minimum because road maintenance is vastly reduced thanks to the Rhinophalt® preservation system.

Our road network has an estimated asset value of £300 billion, so it makes financial sense to invest in its protection, so that we can get the best out of it and save our already burdened economy a whole lot of money. A system, such as Rhinophalt® will contribute enormously towards cost savings, and strengthen the back bone of our infrastructure; the core of our transport system, without which, the country would grind to a halt.

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