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Beautiful contemporary lighting

30 July 2013

Beautiful contemporary lighting has just been added to the already comprehensive range of products available online from The Shopkit Group.

Shopkit have been designing, manufacturing and distributing their high quality lampholders and lighting systems for well only 20 years, but it is only now, following further expansion on their shop, that they have made them available to buy direct online. 

They are currently offering some of their best selling lampholders and lighting components individually, as well as in complete kits, with the promise to add further popular items from their TZ range to soon.

As always with The Shopkit Group, the standard item on sale is just the beginning, as their ability to customise any of their products to a Client’s specifications and dispatch within very tight deadlines, is one of their many successful attributes, something they accredit to the company’s customer focused approach and the dexterity of their UK based factory.

You can view their current and expanding shop on

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